Featuring a schedule packed full of Musicians, Workshops, Parties, Events and Performances, the NZ Spirit Festival provides a unique alcohol free opportunity for artists, music industry professionals and people wishing to explore their spirituality to meet, network and further their spirituality from the workshops and artists that grace the festival. From group panel discussions to direct one-on-one massage, participants are given the opportunity to expand their consciousness and to make long-lasting transformation from simply being at the festival

The Festival has showcased over 1000 artists from all over the country in the past years, representing a variety of musical styles – from kirtan, reggae roots, shamanic electronica, sound healing, folk, dub, from house to funk all performing in a three block radius for fans during an amazing 4 day weekend at Kumeu Showgrounds. 150+ unique performances and workshops took place this year in 2022!

This year Founder and Executive producer of the HAAAA meditation experience debuted a live guided meditation. Participants experienced a profound shift from the 90 minute workshop and were taught a series of breathing patterns to co-exist with the meditation music.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and HAAAA can not wait to bring this experience to the world through the HAAAA mobile app.

If you experienced the meditation or wish to register your interest for early access.

Register here: https://haaaa.app/register-your-interest/

Crowd enjoying the HAAAA Polynesian meditation experience.
Rob Kipa-Williams at the NZ Spirit Festival